Welcome to SimChick, a place where I post my Sims stories. This page is the table of contents for my current story of Elise Davenport (a small town girl who moves to the city) and the generations that come after her (Sims 4). I also have a page for my archived stories, and another page with a list of other people’s sims story blogs.



[Last Updated November 2018] Elise Davenport goes to high school in the small town of Willow Creek, but her dream is to one day live in the big city of San Myshuno.


Generation 1, Elise Davenport

(Click on the “Next” link at the end of each blog post to move quickly to the next post.)

  • Chapter 1.1, The Teenage Years: 1.1A Meet the Family1.1B Room Tour, 1.1C High School, 1.1D Brother’s Wedding (Nick & Izumi), 1.1E Prom and Graduation
  • Chapter 1.2, Move to the Big City: [click 1.2] apartment tour, homesick, karoake, looking for a job, nephew, other brother’s wedding, dating
  • Chapter 1.3, Newlywed Life: [click 1.3] my wedding, honeymoon, work, movies, date, gym, strange uncomfortable dinner, party house, nephew’s birthday and dad’s surprise guest, karaoke housewarming, restaurant with family
  • Chapter 1.4, Sooo Pregnant: [click 1.4] supportive husband, preggo party, giving birth at the hospital
  • Chapter 1.5, Toddler Times Two: [click 1.5] life with little kids, work, babysitter, park, parenting group [with alcohol], girl’s night out [with more alcohol], family barbecue, a shocking affair
  • Chapter 1.6, Family Life and a Gala: [click 1.6] bigger apartment, cupcakes kiddos and chaos, home repairs, yoga class, flea market, Villareal Prepatory School, vacation in the woods, protest, babysitters, dead romances and new romances, in-laws, secret park, public pool, but we were careful, gala and Darling Walsh’s success


Generation 2, Cassie Jan Goth

(Click on the “Next” link at the end of each blog post to move quickly to the next post.)

  • Chapter 2.1, Cassie’s Teenage Life: [click 2.1] rescue dog, room tour, high school, dog bath, vet, school project, study group, running track, school dance, rock band, babysitting, teen center, movie date, who’s your daddy, graduation party
  • Chapter 2.2, Destiny’s Story [click 2.2] Chapter 2.2 takes a break from the Elise Family Line/Cassie Chapter to focus on Destiny Blanc and give Destiny’s backstory. Cassie’s story will pick back up in Chapter 2.3.


Other Stuff

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